Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DeadUseful Whois Tool?

This website provides a facility for users to access many domain name related whois records via the web.

Do you respond to emails?

Your questions will be answered in this FAQ.

Can you remove my email address from the records?

No, they are provided by the whois server as-is.

Can you update or remove my details from Google or other search engine results?

Any outdated pages will naturally drop out of the search results over time.

Can you update or remove my details from your website?

No, the records are gathered from whois databases automatically.

To have your details removed you must contact the registrar of the domain.

Once you have done that, check back in 24 hours and hit the "Whois Update" button.

Will you link to my website?

No, we do not add links to our website, all data is gathered automatically.

Can you update a link on your website?

No, all links are generated automatically.

Can I link to your website?

Yes, feel free.

Why are some of your records cached or old?

To prevent abuse, we have put limitations in place.

The cache allows access to the information without having to request the same data more than once within a period, thus saving bandwidth for all parties.

Do you provide historic data for .uk domains?

No, it is against the terms of Nominet to do this.

Can I reuse the whois data?

You will need to contact the top-level domain (TLD) sponsor to find out.

Can I get a copy of your script for my site?

No, you can however build your own using the PEAR Net_Whois package.

Will visiting your site help my site get indexed quicker?

No, but linking to us might help.

What is your privacy policy?

To make it simple, here's the facts:

What is your acceptable usage policy?

Our maximum lookup rate is 5 lookups per second with a maximum of 1,000 lookups per 24 hours per user.

Can I add it to my browser?

Yeah, we have a bookmarklet: