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I have been interested in starting my own free email service for some time now.

Over the years i’ve seen free email services such as, yahoo, and now, to name just a few of the many thousands out there.

First of all, most people would think that this is a saturated market, and you would be correct to think that. However, you must look at possibly the most successful email service and one of the most successful portal websites to understand how webmail can be utilised to keep your users coming back time and time again.

This is one of the reason Yahoo! become such a hit, they offer free email and their users keep returning. Yahoo became a community portal very quickly and people are proud to say they are a member. If this is the effect of free email, then what are the options?

For me, i’m only really interested in offering this to a very limited audience. The reason being is that spam is very difficult to defend against, and spam protection can be expensive. Throughout the whole process of finding a solution I will be ensuring that the issue of “automated” signups is covered and “anti-spam” measures are in place.

One of the first things I looked at was the free email services that offer the ability to use your own domain. There has been a couple or so for many years (since about 1998). They are:

This is all very well, however, the problem arrises when you begin to use the service and you realise that their branding is all over the place all over your emails. It makes you look unprofessional. However since it is a free service they must get something in return to cover their cost.

If you’re looking for a free email hosting service that has been around for quite some time, is quite flexable, and doesn’t require any server administration but is branded, then these are for you.

I’ve tried both of them in the past, was very simple to work with, but began experiencing issues with automated signups and spam some years ago. I’m assuming they have overcome these issues now. as I recall has elongated terms and conditions, and is a little bit more complicated. However I am on the understanding that they have a stronger anti-spam protection.

On the other hand, more recently Google and Microsoft have put a bid in for a battle to offer free services for domains…

  • Google Apps offers Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets, Page Creator and Start Page
  • Microsoft Live offers easily create custom Windows Live accounts in your domain that work with Windows Live and MSN services.

Of cource the great thing about this is that your domain is able to use their services completely free of charge. One thing you have to understand is that the moment you start using their services your subject to their terms and policies which you may not always agree with, yet will be unable to do anything about it.

If you’re looking for security with a well known company, not bothered about their branding and very little to think about this is probably the best option for you.

However, if you’re like me you want more than that, something that you’re able to remain in control and not forced into using someone else’s branding, then this is where we pickup…

In this part of the free email service options there’s two choices… purchase or open source…

The difficulty is that to find a pre-build email service that has webmail, allows users to signup and offers adminisitration is quite hard to come by, here’s a list of a few…

  • hivemail claims it is a powerful web-based email program that allows you to offer personal email accounts to your site visitors. [$130/$180 setup and $35/year]
  • atmail famously known to be used by the first “open-to-public” email service to offer 1GB of space. [Various Prices]
  • SocketMail – Didn’t try it.
  • B1G – I couldn’t figure this out as it was German.
  • DWmail – I didn’t try this, but it looks okay. [£70 for professional]

And asif it wasn’t hard enough to find such email service, I’ve located just a few free ones…

All this aside, there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Since hivemail hasn’t been updated since v1.3.1 in 2004, the folk from RoundCube have talked about merging the projects into an open source solution. Having said this, Kevin who owns the trademark to HiveMail has said he “don’t ask me to make HiveMail an open-source project or distribute it for free”.

In my opinion, if hivemail doesn’t see the light and jump on this while they still can, someone out there will create an open source product that has has the same features, and then some. I mean, people have already started releasing their own HiveMail updates. Its only a matter of time before the whole thing is redone… If HiveMail want to keep their userbase, they need to sort themselves out.

24 Responses to “Start your own free email service”

  1. Galle

    Don’t choose

    I was not very satisfied to the service, but most of all Its impossible to quit the service.
    I asked them to close my account several times, but in the end I had to report my credit card stolen to stop the bills.

  2. Rufaro Mutambirwa

    I am looking for a good email service that will satisfy my needs.
    I will need the email adress for school and close aqaintances.

  3. adarsh


    i too want to start a free email website is there any latest updations.

  4. Stephen

    I am also very interested in this. I have started a small social networking site and would like to offer webmail so users keep coming back. Any final summary on the option of wanting your own service that you have control over and your own branding and not too expensive……? Thanks!

  5. anoob

    I am also very interested in this. I have started a small social networking site and would like to offer webmail so users keep coming back. Any final summary on the option of wanting your own service that you have control over and your own branding and not too expensive……? Thanks!

  6. Danish Wadhwa

    Hello folks…!
    Seeking for help, the post was very usefull for me.
    I want to start email services for my website visitors and looking forward for some email provider with white branding.
    At point of thought i was thingin to setup my own server for the same can anyone guide me which option should i go for.
    There are many otions in the market which one is the best and share you experience plese so that i can make a good decesion.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. david blackson

    i own the web address and would like to use this for a free email service……anyone figures anything out shoot me a email……

  8. Tyler S.

    HiveMail is new and improved and now offers even more Hosted Solutions to suit everone’s needs, for as low as $12.95 a month. Many more features and new ones always being added. Also a new Community Forum. Check us out.

  9. Dreams

    I want to start my own E-mail service.

    What should I do? Please guide me on.

  10. Jack

    Do NOT waste your time with Hivemail. Their support is ridiculously time consuming and lacking! They seemed like they were working hard to tag me along and not give me too much. I’m not a computer programmer and their so-called manual is very vague.

    The support person by the name of Yannin promised to chat with me in order to get the mail service set up, but failed to do so.

    I wasted DAYS on this and got almost no where with it. I’ve now discarded this project.

    The positive side to all of this is, at least I found out the real deal on this company before I invested all the monies it would have taken to get this all up and running.

    Oh and when I first chatted with this guy… I asked him a basic question about his service and I quote what he said to me, “Ain’t no cheap Indians here!”

    I can say for sure, that the Indians provide better support than what he gave, any day!

  11. Jack

    HEY! I just posted a comment on HIVEMAIL and want to discard it. I’ve worked it out. Thanks

  12. Dreamliner3

    I’m not sure that gmail is good than other mails????!!!! OMG

  13. Jamie

    b1gMail website is available in english now, you might want to give it a try (

  14. Yannick

    “Hivemail: their support is ridiculously time consuming and lacking!”

    Jack, you’ve received far more attention than any other customer who paid money for the software! I count 15 support answers on Oct. 3 only. And another ~140 support requests within the next 7 days, which have all been answered quite timely…

    Sidenote: Jack never bought the script but was using the free version!

    “HEY! I just posted a comment on HIVEMAIL and want to discard it. I’ve worked it out.”

    It wasn’t you who worked it out but us. We even contacted your webhost to sort out the DNS issue on your server.

    And all this for free.

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