Create a unique company name

When trying to create a unique company name for your business, I found that there was a three step approach to creating a unique name.

When I was developing a new company name, I created about 20 using this method, each time I would follow the steps through to create a name that was appropriate, unique and usable.

1. Get inspiration

First of all you have to select a few sources for inspiration. You need ideas as to what you’re looking for.

Most companies begin by thinking up variations of the activity they do (ie: for a company selling mobile phone: mobile, phone, cell, sales, etc), however sometimes a company may not sell anything specific, and may cover many different activities.

You can try investigating other company names, to see where they got their inspiration from.

Find words that you like, or that sound as if they relate to your general activities.

Look at your own name, and names of others involved in the company, see if they can give inspiration.

Place names are good too, see if you can become establish based on the name of your area.

2. Generate a unique name

Once you have your inspiration, there’s a few techniques you can use to get the unique name that you are looking for:

  • Crossword Helper/Solver – This will allow you to use certain formulas to pick words. (ie: using the initials of the partners to help you generate appropriate words).
  • Thesaurus – Allows you to find synonyms for words your choice of words.
  • Anagrams – Use this with a combination of names involved in the company or such.
  • Translator – Try translating a few words you’ve chosen to get that unique angle.

3. Validate it’s usable

You should really ensure that the name you choose is not in use, recommendations for ensuring they are not in use include:

  • Check with your common sense – If your company is only open 12 hours a day, for gods sake, don’t call your company “24seven”.
  • Checking with government departments (in the UK such as CompaniesHouse WebCheck).
  • Check the registered trademarks database for your country and possibly major countries such as US and UK, as existing companies may wish to expand into your country, meaning you would not be authorised to use the name.
  • Check with yellow pages, and ensure there’s no one already using the name.
  • Check with Google, check for variants (eg: “my idea”, myidea, etc), if it’s commonly used by a website or company for their product or service, then chances are they could battle you over rights to the name. Avoid where possible.
  • Check that there is no active domain name using your name, (eg: Sometimes domain names are not in use and are just parked/advertising/on sale, always check first.


Once you have a sufficient amount of names, gather feedback from your friends and family.

I found asking them their top 5 and their bottom 5 helped narrow down the choices.

This will help you settle on a name that will work for you and your customers.

If all else fails…

You could always try the assistance of a naming firm or a company name generator, but there’s nothing quite like your own inspiration, so don’t give up straight away.

Note: I DO NOT help you choose a company name for free.

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120 Responses to Create a unique company name

  1. Jaan Sajdi says:

    We need to start a new mobile distribution department please provide us some unique names.

  2. shahbaz says:

    mai ek houskeeping company start karna chahta hu.jiska name (I) se start ho. aur last me houskeeping services ho.pls koi good name rply kare.plz

  3. umesh kumar jangir says:

    hi all,
    I m going to open an international call center ,so suggest me good name ,

  4. mamta prasad says:

    i am going to start a private limited company pl suggest me some name

  5. Vaishali says:

    i need to one software company name so plz gives sagetion of my compnay name.

  6. nimain charan panigrahy says:

    i go to open an organisation for it i requre aunique na me please help me th name should start with the word c,e,z,k,n

  7. neeraj says:

    suggest a diffrent and unique name for a newly firm

  8. MANISH KUMAR says:


  9. pauline ong says:

    I am setting up a company dealing in maintaining book keeping and accounts records for people. Any suggestions for a name?prefer to start with ed or ec ….solutions sdn bhd or with bl …management services sdn bhd

  10. Rahul Sharma says:

    I want to start a marketing agency of pharmaceutical
    please suggest me a unique name started with

  11. Hi,
    i am opening new SEO company so please suggest me what’s are good company and international label name.

    Sachin Rajgrihar

  12. Anoop Jain says:

    Suggest adiffrent and unique name from School,collage,play school,mmanagement services

  13. kiran belur says:

    I AM STARTING ANMATION COMPANY IN BANGALORE INDIA. WHICH INCLUDES Graphic designing, 3d Animation,3d Architect,Editing & Compositing Please Advice me Unique Name…

  14. SACHIN MORE says:

    send me neme for my company related ti IT-COMPUTER FARM

  15. rajat says:

    I want creat company .So plz give me low cust software good activity

  16. rajat says:

    Plz arange good name for my organistion.


  17. Mamta Kumari says:

    i am going to start a private limited company pl suggest me some name

  18. Mamta Kumari says:

    plz suggest me unique name for a private company

  19. Mamta Kumari says:

    please suggest me unique name for my company

  20. farheena ashrafi says:

    i need name for group of company name which shud be highly energetic,nimble,strenght

    company belongs to education field,adv,real estate,medis and branding

  21. kishor bunde says:

    pls suggest name for new firm belongs to telecom services , it solutions , and multiservices

  22. sanjay khurana says:

    i am going to open a tissue paper company, plz suggest me a good name.

  23. Agnes Cheah says:

    needs some of the unique names for registration of a company name. mainly on trading business such as ladies fashionable goods & baby’s products.

  24. rajendran says:

    i am going to start a agricultural export company. plz suggest me a unique name for my company

  25. RAHUL SHUKLA says:

    I am going to start a pharma marketing company,Pls suggest a unique & attractive name.

  26. Donald says:

    I am planning to start a Shipping & logistics company very soon.Please suggest a unique & attractive name.

  27. Utpal Nandy says:

    I want to start a import-export marketing company

    please suggest me a unique name started with

  28. Pankil Sharma says:

    i am satarting a travel company , please suggest some unique name related to holidays or somethng else which is related to travel or destination or attraction.

  29. hiralal says:

    pls suggest me unique name for pipe manufacturing firm

  30. manish says:

    I want to start my own publishing co suggest me a good name for publishing

  31. manish says:

    I am going to start to new publishing co suggest me a unique name.

  32. d.k.sharma says:

    search for a unique name to establish a pharma company with a international level

  33. Sanjee Rattan says:

    i am planing to start a call center. please suggest a good & unique & attractive name.

  34. warren says:

    our company is an automotive/engineering company where we manufacture components we are looking for an unique new name. the company is based in south africa

  35. divya says:

    pls suggest me a name for company

  36. Vishal Sonpal says:

    I am planning to start a compnay for designer decorative products for homes….please suggest a name?

  37. prakash says:

    please suggest us a unique name for our tent & catering business

  38. natasha says:

    i am going to start placement business for hiring labours andproviding them work on contract basis…pzz suggest me a name for our company

  39. Pawan kumar says:

    i want to start Engineering design consultancy for OIL & GAS and petrochemical plant

    pl suggest the suitable company name
    thanks in advance
    pawan kuamr

  40. Bapi Giri says:


    I am going to start a medicine / pharma distribution comapny. pls suggest a unique and attractive name.

    Bapi Giri

  41. Najish says:

    We are manufactures of herbal extract we want some unique name for our pvt ltd co.

    Kindly suggest

  42. Patty says:

    HELP HELP… new business name please…
    USMC 100% disabled serviced connected vietnam war vet starting a company doing government contracting

  43. Shalu Agrawal says:


  44. dharmesh says:

    i want to open my new engineering company suggest name.

  45. nurfaizah says:

    i want to start my new enterprise business pls naming for my company

  46. Jennifer says:

    I going to set up a homebase business. Looking for unique name.
    My homebase business is cover by Pedi & Mani service and Make Up service. Can any help to advise or suggest anything unique to suit for website and email also future might be shop name. Thank you.

  47. Ramamurthi says:

    I am going to start a medical lab in coimbatore.

    So please suggest a good & attractive name for that laboratory

  48. Mr Yousuf Bhat says:

    please suggest me unique name for my hande made items.thanks

  49. vishal says:

    Hello, m starting a new cnsultancy so plz suggest me. Some unique name.


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